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  • Hi all,

    I have just purchased the English Core Rulebook and Aventuria Alamanac, along with installing the Dere Globus material for Google Earth, and I am finding much of the regional history and races to be sparcely described. Day after tomorrow I am GM'ing my first game and I want to create the best experience for my players. I am really interested in running the campaign within the Shadowlands (I intend to run a dark fantasy campaign), and I was hoping there is more detailed information (aside from the brief excerpts within the two resources I own) available somewhere? Also, I have a couple players interested in the Ahaz (lizard folk), yet there are no stats for them or really any defined information on their current culture or customs. Any information will be greatly appreciated!


    - Nathan

  • Welcome here also in our forum. :)

    I don't know the Almanac, so I don't know what's in there about the Shadowlands, but in the Core Rulebook are indeed only a few sentences about the Shadowlands.

    I'm in a hurry right now, but hopefully someone else has some more words.

    The Shadowlands are former parts of the Middenrealm. In former years a dark magician and half-god called Borbarad conquered the parts. After his defeat in 1028 BF the country was parted among his greatest followers, the so called "heptarchs".

    In which year do you plan to start with the campaign? The Shadowlands changed during the years a little bit, who is heptarch and which part belongs to which heptarch.

    Actually, meanwhile the Shadowlands are back in the Middenrealm, since Queen Rohaja lead a military campaign and other events (which can all be played in an adventure campaign).

    There is a kind of war between the Middenrealm and the Shadowlands.

    The Shadowlands are a unique country, with undeads, perverted land, and some unique religion. The heptarchs are of different colour. This makes every part of the Shadowlands a little bit different to the others.

    Achaz are unique and rather ancient race way past their pinnacle of civilization. They are not human, not in thinking, behavior and other things. They can not stand cold temperatures, which makes them hard to play in northern countries during the winter. The Tulamids and Novadis don't like them, which makes them hard to play in their countrys. They are strangers every where because of these differences, and not just in their appearance.

  • Hi Schattenkatze,

    Thank you for your aide!

    I am honestly not certain exactly on which year would be ideal, as I am looking for a time when the denizens of the former Shadowlands are still suffering under the rule of the heptarchs. I read that the neighboring cities of Warunk, Beilunk, & Praios send forces in to restore order to the Shadowlands, however I'm not sure of their success or actual influence in the region. Do they punish the mass population for submitting and worshipping the demonlords? Are there heptarch armies defending against the ones trying to restore order? Have the peoples of the Shadowlands gone mad?

    Is Transysilia the region within the shadowlands, or is it a city? Where is the city of Agrimoth and Oldtoll? What is Tobimoria? Are there any detailed maps of the region?

    These are things that are mentioned in the Almanac as important, however they don't seem to go into great detail. I'm not expecting anyone to know all of this, but if anyone has any insight at all that could assist me I would appreciate it!

    Also, you mentioned that the heptarchs are of different colour. I assume that you speak figuratively as in they are unlike the commonfolk of the Middenrealm?

    And is there a guide anywhere for creating a lizardfolk character in 5th edition? Any information in German I can translate through Google, so do not feel as if that would prove an issue for me!

    Once again I thank you and anyone who can assist me!

  • As for a map try Dere Globus (Link: It's an addon for Google Earth and free to download. Some general information is also provided on Wiki Aventurica (link: Though the german version is most likely more detailled.

    Do they punish the mass population for submitting and worshipping the demonlords?

    Maybe but as far as I'm concerned not massively

    Are there heptarch armies defending against the ones trying to restore order?

    Well, obviosly yes ;)

    HAver the peoples of the Shadowlands gone mad?

    Some of them yes, but not all. Most peaople either fled or tried to get along with the new souvereigns (or their dead ;))

    I hope that helped you :)

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