W.O.R.S.T. - Ways Of Regret: Surreal Tales (TTRPG) 1.0.0

What's the worst TTRPG ever created? Might be this.

Welcome to the wicked realm of "W.O.R.S.T. - Ways Of Regret: Surreal Tales," a tabletop role-playing game that challenges the very essence of traditional RPG experiences.

In "W.O.R.S.T.," bid farewell to the familiar comfort of standard dice. Instead, players must grapple with the peculiar d9, a die that defies convention and adds an extra layer of unplayability. Just accept your fate: The odds are no longer in your favor, as success and failure are now harder to predict than ever. WORST is the degenesis of roleplaying.

Character creation in "W.O.R.S.T." is a painful, but quick endeavor, driven by absolute randomness. Embrace the bizarre as you roll your character traits, drawing from a pool that is entirely incompatible with your envisioned character. Will your fearless warrior be an altruist or a stoic? The roll will tell.

The carefully selected skills in "W.O.R.S.T." are a testament to the game's commitment to the strange. Say goodbye to conventional skill progressions, and welcome the W.O.R.S.T. character progression. Where you do not progress at all until it's too late and then progress so quickly that you feel out of touch with your character. It's a dark feeling you get when you lay eyes upon your character after the first campaign (if you really are masochistic enough to go that far) again, trust me.

What truly sets "W.O.R.S.T." apart is its insistence on forcing players into undesirable gameplay. Revel in the challenge of playing a game you never wanted and that can turn around 360° whenever the GM feels like it.

This TTRPG promises an experience like no other, where regret is but a roll away. Play now!