Code of Conduct

Together, we use the rules of conduct.

Social Manners

  • Direct but also subtle insults or hostility are not permitted and will result in sanctions.
  • Differences between users will be clarified exclusively by conversation or other means, but not discussed publicly and/or off-topic in the forum and "widely kicked".
  • It is not desirable to write posts that cause concern or deliberately create bad mood. This includes contributions that aim to demotivate other users or trigger policy discussions.
  • Inappropriate behavior towards other users or the moderation - regardless of a thematized factual situation - will lead to sanctions.

Spelling and text form

  • Please read contributions before submitting and check for spelling.
  • It should be used uppercase and lowercase words as well as punctuation according to the valid spelling.

Content and meaning

  • Before submitting your own and foreign contributions check possible readings to avoid misunderstandings.
  • For better interpretation, emoticons can be used to an appropriate degree. However, neither sarcasm nor insults cannot be concealed with it.
  • Use threads for questions or concerns that already exist. A forums search may help.
  • Contributions should be topic-related and constructive (no "That’s right" contributions).
  • To add to a post, the edit function is used, provided that no other user post has followed.
  • Topics on earthly politics, religion, racism, sexism, legal discussions or (escalating) discussions of principles are forbidden in the forum.
  • Moderation decisions are not to be openly criticized and discussed in the forum. Violations will be sanctioned.


  • Please quote only the post you are referring to, but not an entire post if your own post does not refer to the entire post.
  • A quote should not change the meaning of the original post.


  • Graphics in signatures are not allowed.
  • Signatures should not interfere with the forum flow and should not exceed font size 18.
  • In case of ambiguity, this should be clarified with the moderator in advance.
  • In the last instance, the moderation has the right to influence if a signature is considered too disturbing due to its size, color or choice of words.

Conversations and emails

  • In case of excessive discussions or discrepancies between members, the conversation or private e-mail should be used instead of the thread.


  • Non-copyrighted materials may be carried into the forum.
  • Short quotations for review and citation purposes with source/author credit are permitted.
  • To ask, offer oder search for pirated copies is expressly forbidden.

User Accounts

  • Only one user account per member is allowed.
  • If a user account is permanently or temporarily suspended, it is not permitted to log in again with a new account.
  • Users who have become conspicuous through their behavior will be banned by the moderation directly after a warning, admonition or in the case of very serious violations.