The Orkenspalter Universe

New version
The Orkenspalter is now available in the technology generation 2020. There are several technical innovations, functions and changes to discover. Details can be found in the Blog post.

Below is an overview of the primary services of the Orkenspalter universe.

  • The Forum is the central contact point and heart of the Orkenspalter. Here you have access to many forum posts, discussions, adventures and player requests.
  • The downloads contain thousands of free adventures, tools, documents and more - some of them date back to the time of the Orkenspalter in 1997.
  • The gallery shows various photos of events and works of art
  • The news section contains own and aggregated news about "Das Schwarze Auge" (DSA), Fantasy and more (formerly
  • Every user can have his own blog, e.g. for character diaries, developer blogs or simply for news.
  • The domestic TV channel Orkenspalter TV produces role-play film and nerd videos
  • A calendar for role-playing game, cons and larps for everyone invites you to browse and add to it
  • The annual community meetings (CTs) of the Orkenspalter are located in a separate area
  • The Orkenspalter Larp Orga hosts exciting live role-playing events - including canonical TDE Larps.

The following marginal services are also offered

Who's doing what?

  • The technology, maintenance and support of the whole Orkenspalter system is administratively done by Thomas Stolz (Orkenspalter) since the foundation.
  • The forum, the chat, and rule support are maintained by the moderators
  • The Orkenspalter TV project is managed by Nicolas Mendrek and Mháire Stritter and is independent.