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    According to a thread here in this forum, he is able to give karma but has not done it so far.

    So, it looks like there will be no blessed ones around.

    According to the wiki he is a picaro. His animal is the cuckoo. I guess an altar shows something like fool's clamps and pictures / statues of cuckoos?

    Since he is a bit irregular and crazy, I would not expect any symmetry in his places.

    Lack of symmetry is very likely. I was also thinking about some oddly shaped shrine. Thank you very much for the info!

    And these are very cool ideas! I am certainly adopting the mirror idea. Thank's a lot for your help!

    Praise the Twelve!

    We are currently playing Fog on the Brack (Nebel auf dem Brack) adventure. And my players want to see the Xeledon shrine on Parkauki island.

    And as a GM I don't know how to describe it. What is it supposed to look like? What is the symbol of the demigod? What do the devotees bring to the shrine as an offering?

    So far I have managed to find a page dedicated to Xeledon in Hesinde Vademecum. But it did not give me any idea what his shrines or temples might look like.

    Can you please help me with it?