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    • Start-up was way slower than in 1.3.2. #751

    Bug Fixes

    • Added some missing UI translations. #723
    • Added missing aspects for Gods of Aventuria I. #724
    • Added missing special ability groups for Gods of Aventuria I. #725
    • SA Two Blessings at Once had the wrong rules text. #750
    • Combat Techniques maximum CtR could be higher that allowed by rules. #749
    • The top margin of overlay windows – like when adding advantages – was too small. #727
    • If a profession allowed to select a second combat technique from a set of combat techniques where the bonus was lower than the bonus for the first combat technique, the selected lower bonus was not applied to the character. #647
    • The Torch had P+T STR 15 instead of STR 14. #752 #737
    • The P+T damage bonus was not added to weapons without flat damage. #737
    • Profession White Mage (Gareth Academy of Sword and Staff) from the Core Rules had a wrong AP value and Astronomy 4 instead of Alchemy 4. #568
    • Creature skills text field on PDF export was too short to fit all relevant skills of a creature. #733
    • SA Followers of the Golden One allowed liturgical chants up to improvement cost C instead of up to B. #754
    • Profession Guildless Mage (Vadif sal Karim’s Student) had a bonus on the wrong Hailstorm and Roar of Thunder spellwork. #772
    • SA Bladestorm had wrong applicable combat techniques. #768
    • Some books were missing the weight. #760
    • Images with uppercase file endings have not been accepted as portrait images. #762
    • The upload icon was shown in place of the portrait image on the character sheet if no portrait was defined. #759
    • On the Mac, if paper background was activated, additional blank pages were generated for the PDF output. #748

    Thank you

    Last but definitely not least a big Thank You to all of you who give feedback and help out on various channels as well as to the following people on GitHub who contributed to this release!

    Update 1.4 (1.4.1)

    (I totally forgot to post the changelog here, I'm sorry!! 😭😭🙈)


    • Gods of Aventuria I #656
    • Italian translation #667 #610
    • Optional paper-style background for character sheet. #36
    • Character Sheet view zoom option. #665
    • Add/Subtract money from purse. #666
    • Create custom advantages, disadvantages and special abilities with custom name and AP value (temporary solution). #632


    • Weight is now shown in an own column in equipment tab. #305
    • Unnecessary combat sheets are not used anymore, it now depends on which armor the character has. It defaults to the normal armor if no armor is present. #407
    • You can now click on entry names as well to show it's rules text. #556

    Bug Fixes

    • Variants of profession Blessed One of Boron had wrong skill modifications. #548
    • Profession White Mage (Sword & Staff) had a wrong AP value and an additional skill modification. #568
    • Fixed common professions of a culture will now be shown even if they are not from the Core Rules. #563
    • The interface could be scaled down. #487
    • Weapons of the combat technique Lances were not shown on character sheet. #662
    • Attributes ignored the minimum caused by high skill ratings. The maximum of skill rating is the highest linked attribute + 2, so the highest attribute is required to have a minimum value of SR − 2. #630
    • The new application Professional Publications for skill Law had a wrong special ability prerequisite. #680
    • Some list items were wider than the actual list. #683
    • List headers were not centered by default. #637
    • Permanently spent LP did not allow additional LP to be bought. #606
    • Additional LP could not be added if CON is 8 and nothing depends on it. #694
    • SA Aspect Knowledge did not show up even with three chants on SR 10 or higher. #591
    • Cantrip Witch's Gaze was selectable by all spell casters. #377
    • Arcane Dancers could not add magical dances. #594
    • Select options of traditions Arcane Bard and Arcane Dancer did not require their respective culture and possible sex. #565
    • If, in addition to the selection of one or more fighting techniques for a certain CtR, one or more other fighting techniques should be selected for a lower CtR (e.g. in the profession Soldier), it was not possible. #647
    • Certain values on character sheet were not floored. #655
    • Chain Mail was available twice. #570
    • Scale Mail was available twice and had a typo. #569
    • Updater checks and the check for updates button are now disabled on macOS since updates are not possible on macOS currently. #589
    • Wrong applicable combat techniques for SA Enemy Sense. #658
    • Auto-update alerts were enabled on Linux even when there were no direct auto-updates available. #573
    • The save dialog for exporting a character as JSON did not add the file extension to the suggested file name. #718


    There are important and breaking changes coming with the next release, so if you use the Optolith source or save data, I'd recommend to come over to Discord so that I can tell you what is going to be changed in detail. Since more and more people depend on Optolith's data I will now follow semantic versioning strictly so that you can rely on the compatibility of source files just by checking out the version number. There will be a new format for heroes as well as for the source data. You can also give feedback on the changes, since they are not completely done yet – but I still think it would make sense to check out the changes as early as possible. The next major version is still a bit away, so you'll have plenty of time to adjust your software.

    Thank you

    Last but definitely not least a big Thank You to the following people on GitHub who contributed to this release!

    Update 1.3.2

    Bug Fixes

    • Combat Techniques from books other than Core Rules were missing in combat techniques tab. #543
    • Description of combat technique selection for profession variants does not render properly. #539
    • Profession Lanisto: Skill Specialization selection referenced the wrong skill. #537
    • Professions did not react to dependencies. #507
    • Old Adersin Style missing from Aventuria Armory. #499
    • Professions' section header "Combat Techniques" is German ("Kampftechniken"). #500
    • Textfield „Title“ in personal data had wrong label. #492
    • Profession Hazaqi: Earthencraft 4 is now Clothworking 4. #496
    • Trade Secrets from Armory of the Warring Kingdoms were missing. #474
    • SA Binding of the Spell-Sword had no costs. #490
    • Religion was on SR 6 for most of the Blessed One professions. #475
    • States were overflowing on character sheet PDF but not in Optolith. #473
    • The config.json has still thrown errors for many users. The problem should be fixed, finally. #476
    • In very rare situations parts of the heroes file or the whole heroes file have been deleted. Because of this, saving heroes has been completely rewritten and condensed to prevent further issues. #477
    • Added missing Garethi dialect Nostrian. #480
    • Fixed prerequisites for SA Energy Control. #471
    • Fixed third-party licenses. #471

    Known Issues

    • Some of the entries with more complex prerequisites might display them wrong but handle them correct.

    Update 1.3.1

    Bug Fixes

    • In the French version, you were not able to create characters, because you could not choose any publication, race, ...
    • There was an error thrown by "unknown keys" in the config.
    • On character sheet, states were only displayed in one column if the amount of states was even.

    Update 1.3.0

    New Features

    • French version (incl. Core Rules) #34


    • The search bar in wiki will not be cleared anymore if you switch the category. #286
    • If importing a hero fails you'll now get more detailed information about the cause of the problem. (Incompatible version, invalid file, ...) #343 #394
    • Completely new database layer and thus start-up time reduction up to 50%

    Bug Fixes

    • The cache for AP is now working properly after not saving all of the heroes. #416
    • Languages overflow on character sheet if Hjaldingsh is active. #419
    • Personal data font is truncated vertically on character sheet. #413
    • Profession Black Mage (Demirion Ophenos's Student) had wrong AP cost. #344
    • Fixed weight total alignment on belongings sheet. #291
    • An item could not be set as an improvised weapon. #290
    • Routine Checks table: wrong alignment. #214
    • Afraid of: Selection/Custom text did not appear on character sheet. #213
    • Could not upload profile image from windows network share. #229
    • Adding AP did not work if you didn't leave the input field. #341
    • Weapons that do not apply damage only showed "D" as Damage. #353
    • There was no Skill Rating decrease possible for Tracking with SA Hunter. #357
    • SA Onslaught lists CT Swords twice. #355
    • Could not read exported hero with BOM. #370
    • Item changes could be saved in certain situations. #389
    • Fixed field "Carried where" on items not persisted. #369
    • The maximum of CTs caused by their primary attributes has been fixed. #379
    • Cast-Net has had the CT Slings instead of Thrown Weapons. #345
    • The app config does not cause errors anymore. #358


    As of now, there is a simple scheme for validating a hero available on GitHub. A complete schema is in the works; the unfinished version thereof can also be found in the linked folder.

    Update 1.2.0

    This release marks a big milestone for the English version as it includes all rule books released so far. This includes the Compendium I, Magic of Aventuria and more. Also, there are quite a few fixes and a new Dutch translation.

    New Features

    • Dutch localization (including Core Rules)
    • Aventuria Compendium I English localization
    • Magic of Aventuria I English localization
    • The Warring Kingdoms English localization
    • Armory of The Warring Kingdoms English localization
    • Aventuria Armory I English localization
    • Aventuria Bestiary I English localization
    • Inns & Taverns English localization


    • Shields are usually not used as the primary weapon, so the doubled PA bonus is now used on character sheet.
    • Improved Dodge I–III should not modify DO value as this should only happen when the hero does not wear armor.

    Bug Fixes

    • Does not increase DO by 2 or 4 but 1 or 2 when optional rule Higher Parade Values is active.
    • Disadvantage Bad Luck I-III did not decrease FtP on character sheet.
    • Window for permanent loss of LP/AE/KP is now closable.
    • Disadvantage Stigma (Green Hair) now makes the hair color green.
    • Preview of images only displayed .jpg, no .png.
    • Native Tongue (NT) cannot be selected as a level for languages.
    • App close button did not work.
    • Removed error message on import/export cancellation.
    • Personality Flaw: It is now possible to buy as many Prejudices/Unworldly's as you like.
    • Required attribute values for professions were not ensured.
    • SA Property Knowledge did not work and had wrong AP cost.
    • Demigods were not available as applications for Religions skill.
    • Rerolling weight without a set size did not reroll both but instead used 0 as size.
    • Wrong carrying capacity when STR was 8.
    • CT adjustments in profession variants are not displayed correctly.
    • The default file name in the save dialog for the PDF now is the hero's name.
    • Unfamiliar Spells maximum was still active after finishing hero creation.
    • Hide characters where the version of them is not supported.
    • When selecting a spell for Tradition Guild Mage, General spells are now hidden.
    • The selected locale (of a hero) was not saved.
    • Pacts were not saved.
    • Wrong column names on chants sheet.
    • Protective/Wardings Circles are not correctly displayed.
    • Disadvantage Incompetent disallows Advantage Aptitude completely instead of only disallowing the corresponding skill option.
    • Primary Attribute maximum for Combat Techniques not working.
    • Weight Ratio of Head and Torso in Hit Zone Armor flipped.

    Hi all!

    As the Ulisses US forum does not seem to be actively used anymore, I want to provide a place for all of you who want to provide feedback or ask question regarding Optolith, my tool to create and manage characters for TDE5!

    Optolith manages most of the rules automatically, so ou don't need to take care of them anymore. It features a clean user interface, it's optimized for both mouse and touch interaction and you can checkout rules and crunch texts wile creating/editing/viewing characters without the need of switching to a different tab or app.

    Supported source books (names in parenthesis are partially or fully available in a prerelease version – more on this later):

    • Core Rules
    • Aventuria Almanac
    • (Aventuria Compendium)
    • (Aventuria Armory)
    • (The Warrings Kingdoms)
    • (Armory of the Warring Kingdoms)
    • (Inns & Taverns)
    • (Magic of Aventuria)

    All other books not listed here are not implemented, but I want to implement all available sources, so...

    Also, a supported book does not mean Optolith supports all contained optional rule!

    Download from the Scriptorium

    The tool is available for Windows 7+ (x86 and x64), Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21+, Debian 8+; x64) and macOS 10.10+ (x64). Because I do not have a system running macOS, updates for macOS might be available later than those for Windows and macOS.

    If you like you can give feedback, report bugs etc. right here in this thread! :)

    On GitHub, you can check out a list of all reported bugs and feature requests I try to keep up to date. If you like, you can submit any bugs/feature requests/etc. there!

    There is also a roadmap on GitHub.

    Concerning bug reports: I wrote a little guide if you're not sure what to include!

    You can also join my Optolith Discord server if you like chat more. Of course, it's also a valid addition to this forum! ;)

    If you prefer e-mail, you can use

    You can also check out the changelog.

    May the Twelve be with you, and happy creating!