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Orkenspalter Downloads - Rezensionswettbewerb
Derzeit läuft ein Rezensionswettbewerb bis Ende Mai. Zu gewinnen gibt es eine Hardcover-Vollfarb-Variante des "Großen Orkenspalter Kochbuchs Band II". Details gibt es hier. Wer nicht weiß, was er bewerten soll: im Download-Bereich sind rechts Infoboxen, was zuletzt bewertet wurde, aber auch wo noch Rezensionen fehlen!

    Giving poisons to regular bandits often doesn't make sense ingame. Poisons are often quite difficult to produce and really expensive while bandits are most often forced to do so because they have no other way to get food or money for food (or can't do something else). Someone who can produce poisons has the talents he needs to do something legal with it, and if the bandits have the money to buy poison they more likely use this kind of money to live instead of wasting it on such stuff and risk their lives robbing people...