Code of Conduct

Wiki Love 2020 Trophäe
Für die Wiki Aventurica läuft derzeit wieder die Wiki Love Aktion bis Ende Mai. Wer die Trophäe gerne beim Orkenspalter auch hätte, mag sich hier informieren .
Orkenspalter Downloads - Rezensionswettbewerb
Derzeit läuft ein Rezensionswettbewerb bis Ende Mai. Zu gewinnen gibt es eine Hardcover-Vollfarb-Variante des "Großen Orkenspalter Kochbuchs Band II". Details gibt es hier. Wer nicht weiß, was er bewerten soll: im Download-Bereich sind rechts Infoboxen, was zuletzt bewertet wurde, aber auch wo noch Rezensionen fehlen!

Together, we use the rules of conduct.

No abusive language

  • Direct but also subtile insults are not allowed and may result in sanctions.
  • Discrepancies between users are clarified exclusively by conversation or other means, but are not pubilc or topic-foreign discussed in the forum.
  • It is not desirable to write posts that cause concern or deliberately create bad mood. This includes contributions that aim to demotivate other users or trigger policy discussions.
  • Even inappropriate behavior towards other users or the moderation - regardless of a subject matter - can lead to sanctions.

Spelling and text form

  • Please read contributions before submitting and check for spelling.
  • It should be used uppercase and lowercase words as well as punctuation according to the valid spelling.
  • Abbreviations are only legitimate if they are official abbreviations. Self-invented or fantasy words should be omitted.

Content and meaning

  • Before submitting your own and foreign contributions check possible readings to avoid misunderstandings.
  • For better interpretation, emoticons can be used to an appropriate degree. But you can not conceal sarcasm or insults.
  • Use threads for questions or concerns that already exist. A forums search may help.
  • Contributions should be topic-related and constructive (no "That’s right" contributions).
  • For short-term additions to a submitted contribution, please edit the first one and post no second one.
  • Topics on earthly politics, religion or legal discussions are undesirable in the forum.


  • Please quote only the passage to which reference is made, but not an entire post.
  • A quote should not change the meaning of the original article.


  • Graphics in signatures are not allowed.
  • Signatures should not interfere with the forum flow and should not exceed font size 18.
  • In case of doubt, the moderation should be contacted in advance.
  • In the last instance the moderation has the right to influence, if a signature, the size, color or choice of words are perceived to be disturbing.

Conversations and emails

  • In case of excessive discussions or discrepancies between members, the conversation or private e-mail should be used instead of the thread.


  • Non-copyrighted materials may be carried into the forum. Short quotes with source references are permitted.
  • To ask, offer oder search for pirated copies is expressly forbidden.

User Accounts

  • Only one user account per member is allowed.
  • If a user account is permanently or temporarily suspended, it is not permitted to log in again with a new account.
  • Users who have become conspicuous by their behavior can be banned after being reminded and warned or in case of very serious violations directly by the moderator.