Frequently Asked Questions

New version
The Orkenspalter is now available in the technology generation 2020. There are several technical innovations, functions and changes to discover. Details can be found in the Blog post.
  • General information

  • Downloads

    • I have problems with a download or it seems to be broken.

    • How do I find a special download?

    • How can I add a new download?

    • How can I add a new version for my download?

  • Forum

    • This is too much for me, can I reduce it or make it clearer?

    • How can I change the appearance of the website?

    • How do I ignore a topic?

    • How do I use the dice feature?

    • What are user groups and how do I become a member?

    • How do I get into the trading area?

    • How can I show my absence in the forum?

    • How can I save posts or threads as Word or PDF files?

  • Calendar

    • How do I add an event to the calendar?

    • What meetings are there of the Orkenspalter?