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    I am currently running a group of my friends in DSA5, we have played 6 times over the last year, but we want to find a regular time to play soon.

    However, I have the problem that I can very badly judge how difficult a fight for my troop of 4-5 heroes and a familiar animal (played by the 6th player) will be.

    At the first meeting, I nearly killed the assembled troop with 4 glanders. In the second session, I wanted to make it a little easier, and two harpies were decimated within a few laps. Even the 5 robbers that I presented to them in the next session were done quite fast.

    As you can see, I just do not have the balance of fighting, so in the last few rounds I've been more focused on character play, but I'd like to put some fights back on my group soon.

    So my question: How can I tell how difficult a fight could become? Are there any values that tell me if an opponent is more difficult to defeat? I know that there is no system like D & D Difficulty (as well as without level?). But are there a few tricks that could help me find the right enemies? FetLife